Lullwater announce Fall Tour w/ AMARANTHE/ Butcher Babies

Lullwater have announced a slew of shows starting October 29th and running through December 1st with the Swedish metal band Amaranthe. Also on the tour will be American metal band…

Lullwater’s Retooling of a Minor Indie Hit Shows Their Strengths as Possibly Rock’s Only Real Indie Torchbearer Left

Lullwater is a rock band that has a chance to make rock likable again. They record on analog tape, which is admittedly impractical. But like Batman director Christopher Nolan retaining…


“I remember writing ‘Vendetta,’ having that defiant, passionate violence of the youthful nature of rock and roll,” White says. “‘Fuck you, this is who I am, and who I always…

We talked to Digital Tour Bus about our Dream Tour…

Check out our interview with Digital Tour Bus to find out who our Dream Tours would be with! Click through the link to read the full interview Digital Tour Bus.

Emurge gives our Self Titled Record an 8.6!

Lullwater are an American rock/alternative four-piece really making their mark on the music scene. The band have established themselves through relentless touring and pulling together their diverse musical tastes. Their…


    There are no dates yet.

  • @brianbowman41 @templeagents Us man. On the self titled record,
  • @brianbowman41 @templeagents get a life,
  • RT @Ian_DEADicated: Great driving music when you're low on sleep... @lullwatermusic @ 15 Freeway ,
  • What a sweaty,crazy, fucked up rock show tonight was.. We love you Shreveport, LA! @candlebox… ,
  • RT @TheRecidivists: Awesome. If you have not seen @lullwatermusic live, you are missing out. Hoping for a return to SoCal soon. ,
  • RT @brianbowman41: @KrysMarrone @lullwatermusic dude I told you!! Both albums from these guys rock, and they are tied with Tesla + Motley for my fav live band,